The Genesis of Anderson Yazdi Hwang Minton + Horn LLP

While Anderson Yazdi Hwang Minton + Horn LLP only opened for business on January 2, 2014, the attorneys who comprise the firm share a long history. It began in 1946 when James Edward (Jed) McClellan (1895-1984), a well-established San Francisco lawyer, moved his practice to Burlingame, California. There he established the Trusts & Estates Department in the one-year-old firm of Cosgriff & Carr, which then became known as Cosgriff, Carr & McClellan and from 1963 on as Carr McClellan Ingersoll Thompson & Horn. Jed’s trust and estate practice grew and in 1952 Albert J. Horn joined the firm, one year out of Stanford Law School and fresh from a year’s law clerkship with Justice Homer Spence of the California Supreme Court. Jed and Albert developed a very close training and mentoring relationship which resulted in Albert frequently referring to Jed as his “Father in the Law.”

Jed always insisted that client service be of the highest order, that lawyering be absolutely first class and that the young lawyer grow into being a leader in the profession and in the community. And, above all, that the highest ethical standards always be maintained. The close relationship between Jed and Albert continued past Jed’s retirement and until his death, with Jed imparting a continuous stream of life insights and legal knowledge. Albert in turn adopted and internalized all of Jed’s standards and made them his own. In his mentoring and training of the young attorneys who joined the Trusts & Estates Department, he has passed on these standards and all he has learned in his many years of practice. In 1996 the process of transitioning the leadership of the Trusts & Estates Department to his fellow lawyer Steven D. Anderson began.

Under Steve’s leadership, the Department continued to grow and prosper, and expanded to include a thriving practice group dedicated to trust, estate and fiduciary controversy work. Together with these litigation colleagues, we now comprise the 12 lawyers who proudly carry on the law practice started in 1946 by Jed McClellan, nurtured and grown by Albert Horn and then Steve Anderson, and who very proudly call themselves Anderson Yazdi Hwang Minton + Horn LLP.